this month, the drawing group i belong to opened its first exhibit:


the collection consists of water-based paintings inspired by travels and nature.

here are the works i am showing:

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as this was my first exhibit back home, i have come out of it with many lessons learned. what is important is that i am truly proud of myself. i feel very accomplished this year!


food sketching

playing with food in a different way…


semana santa en españa

i got so excited updating the blog, i forgot to post about my trip to spain! bleh.

sadly, i was only able to make a few sketches, but i have the best excuse – i was too busy having fun with a friend from america who i had not seen in years!

most of these were done during my downtime. still learning urban sketching. the most difficult part was mentally psyching myself to actually whip out my sketchbook. hopefully, there will be another chance to visit this amazing country and not be afraid anymore.

busan, south korea