i don’t care

frustration is a normal phenomenon for me every time i draw. i have to keep reminding myself that when i get to this point, i must continue, i must get through it, instead of putting away my sketchbook. this week, my approach for getting through the struggle and frustration was to turn loosey-goosey. i made no attempts at “fixing” the drawing, or getting it right; instead, i just let my hand do the work and drew what i saw, without caring about the proportions and accuracy. i have turned my work as an exercise on the basic skills, to practice hand-eye coordination.


girl holding a lemon

stumbled upon this in my pile of sketches done in greece. she is a young girl my roommate and i happened to catch wandering around the garden behind our apartment. we invited her to our veranda and asked if we can draw her, and she happily obliged. oh how i miss the aegean!


learning never ends

seems that arts and crafts are the trend nowadays, with countless pop up stores and workshops all over the city. i was more than happy to jump the bandwagon, and took 2 classes in my neighbourhood:

first, i joined a tangle workshop. tangling is just starting to pick up in my side of the world. it’s a fun process, which surprisingly is easy yet requires full concentration. this really tested my patience but i pulled through and managed to complete some works. i’d use this as a warm up for drawing or painting as i feel it gets me “in the zone” faster.

the next weekend, i joined a “travel doodling” workshop, which is really just teaching you the basics of doodling. it’s not as easy as it sounds, because doodling means to draw in a carefree manner, like a child, different from representational drawing that i am used to. i felt this is what i needed to learn to “let go” when drawing. it’s been a while since i did some serious doodling and going back to it was just pure fun.

apart from these workshops, i joined the local urban sketching group for a night sketching session. it wasn’t really a class or workshop but seeing other people’s works is a learning experience in itself. it was very challenging, but being with fellow (struggling in the dark) sketchers put me at ease with chit chat, food and positive vibes. there was even a 7 or 8-year old in our group who always reminded us that there is nothing we cannot draw. her very wise words inspired us to draw each other’s portraits.

not sure if my drawing skills improved, but definitely revived some skills i long forgot.

in any case, learning never ends.