because it’s my momma’s birthday

2015-05-06 00.43.01study with charcoal on brown paper (reused grocery bag, heehee). based on old photo, but she still looks young as ever.


starting the (chinese) new year right

on the last day of january, also the chinese new year, i joined a portrait session organised by agos kulay, a known community of water-colour artists. they hold activities like this twice a month, usually set on a friday, at ayala museum in makati. i am not really an official member of this group, but they welcome anyone to join in.

the model for that afternoon is a reporter for a local news network, doing a feature on the group. i sketched her portrait using charcoal:


i wasn’t confident about my work, but it was nice to get a compliment from a spanish tourist who just happened to check out the session.

tonight, i decided to paint the portrait with water-colour, and this is the result:


whoa. she looks scared of something. and an important lesson: go easy on the eyebrows. oh well, it was still fun!