without hesitation, i declare that this is the most beautiful place i’ve visited in the philippines.

these sketches do not do this island justice.



a few weeks ago, i spent a week-long vacation in indonesia. i had three stops:

a) gili trawangan, lombok. the island reminded me a lot of boracay, especially the rows of restaurants, cafes and diving/tourist centers at the beachfront. but here, you can walk to one side of the island to watch the sunset while listening to the rhythmic sound of banjoes then walk to the other side and have fresh grilled seafood for dinner, watch a movie underneath the stars with the sounds of crashing waves, and get lost with your bike in the middle of a coconut plantation at night with no lights trying to find your way back home.

b) bali. lots of temples, lots of waves, lots of rice fields, lots of interesting people. what don’t you know about this place from all the travel guidebooks and that movie with julia roberts? it does, however, live up to its good reputation and even exceeds it, if you decide to partake of the activities which truly interest you.

c) yogyakarta. a well-worth one-day visit to the two famous temples – prambanan and borobudur – ending the day with a beautiful sunset from the ancient ruins of ratu boko.

you can see from the gallery that i was able to sneak in a little sketching. i am still very much uncomfortable taking out my sketchbook in public. i only felt compelled to do some on-the-spot sketching when i saw my photos of these amazing places included tourists with cheesy poses and umbrellas blocking the view. in this trip, too, i resolved not to be so fussy about getting every single detail correct, and just draw quickly and purposefully, getting the idea or the feeling of what i wanted to draw. i think i did accomplish what i set out to do, and commit to practice more until my next trip.