because it’s my momma’s birthday

2015-05-06 00.43.01study with charcoal on brown paper (reused grocery bag, heehee). based on old photo, but she still looks young as ever.


i don’t care

frustration is a normal phenomenon for me every time i draw. i have to keep reminding myself that when i get to this point, i must continue, i must get through it, instead of putting away my sketchbook. this week, my approach for getting through the struggle and frustration was to turn loosey-goosey. i made no attempts at “fixing” the drawing, or getting it right; instead, i just let my hand do the work and drew what i saw, without caring about the proportions and accuracy. i have turned my work as an exercise on the basic skills, to practice hand-eye coordination.



this is most probably not post-worthy, but i am particularly happy with this one because it’s my first time to try digital painting/drawing. i had previously done portrait studies of my friend on actual paper, but had a really hard time. maybe because we were too busy chatting the the afternoon away? haha.

i used an iPad app called Paper 53. it’s really easy to use! it felt like i was actually drawing on paper. would be better though if they came out with a (cheap) stylus with a pointed tip.

here’s what i ended up with, which was better than my (very low) expectations. whee!

starting the (chinese) new year right

on the last day of january, also the chinese new year, i joined a portrait session organised by agos kulay, a known community of water-colour artists. they hold activities like this twice a month, usually set on a friday, at ayala museum in makati. i am not really an official member of this group, but they welcome anyone to join in.

the model for that afternoon is a reporter for a local news network, doing a feature on the group. i sketched her portrait using charcoal:


i wasn’t confident about my work, but it was nice to get a compliment from a spanish tourist who just happened to check out the session.

tonight, i decided to paint the portrait with water-colour, and this is the result:


whoa. she looks scared of something. and an important lesson: go easy on the eyebrows. oh well, it was still fun!